Strategic Advice

Our team is highly trained in specialty areas of both business and technology. We will work with you to understand your business and how technology can be used to minimize costs, provide efficiency, and even produce increased revenue. Let us be your trusted advisors and guide you through the technology life cycle.


Cloud Service Management

Businesses can gain cost saving advantages of economies of scale, and improved business continuity by implementing cloud software and service solutions. The Layer 9 IT team will develop vendor relationships and establish appropriate service level agreements (SLA) with vendors to provide services to you and your team.


Managed Service Provider

As an MSP, our team will actively monitor the health of your network, provide preventative maintenance and continually be on call to address any issues that may arise. We are able to understand the status of your network and computer by leveraging best of breed networking, computer platforms and cloud services.

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IT Project Management

As trusted advisors and support agents, let us mangage your IT projects from start to finish.

Our team will take the time to understand your business from process to execution then design and deploy technology solutions to meet your needs supporting the full technology life cycle.

Computer Networks.
Network infrastructure is at the core of all modern business.

The fundamental building block of today's Internet and communications is the IP switched network. Layer 9 IT Consultants will build custom, secured, wired and wireless Local Area Networks (LAN) with secure remote office and remote access capabilities that meet the needs of your growing business.

Layer 9 IT will help you leverage the best of both on-premises and cloud technologies. Let us design your computer network, we will focus on technologies that will support your business, so you can focus on your core business goals.

  • Local Area Networks (LAN)
  • File Storage
  • Server Virtualization
  • Network Monitoring and Management
  • Cloud and Mobile Accessible apps, e-mail & calendar
  • Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) telephony
  • IP Video Serveillance
  • Cloud Service Management

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IT Project Management.
We will handle your IT Projects from start to finish.

Technology infrastructure and services are crucial to your businesses success. Let our team untangle the mess and maze of IT products and cloud services. We will manage your IT projects from start to finish, leveraging technology to support your business mission.

Layer 9 IT's exceptional technical team will take your IT projects from conception, through the planning, design, and implementation stages. We will provide hands-on services throughout the project and communicate with vendors and contractors on your behalf, translating and matching your business needs with technology solutions. When the project is complete, Layer 9 IT can also provide ongoing service and operational support to keep your business running smoothly.

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IT Training.
Learn your tools.

Our technologists are second to none. Each member of our team brings a depth and breath of understanding of various technologies. We also encourage each of our team members to explore a specialty while generalized team training and standards are used to ensure that we all understand the core concepts of a variety of technologies. Together, our specialty and generalized knowledge in combination with a latitude of thinking to leverage the better provide IT services, systems integration, systems management, and consulting services. We can then take this wealth of technical knowledge and train your team to get the most out of technology solutions.

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IT Security.
Are your business processes and systems secured?

Information security is an increasingly important issue that must be addressed when running a business, large or small. Confidentiality, integrity and availability are the cornerstones of an information security model.

  • Confidentiality: Business and consumer data must only be available to those who need it within the organization and protected from theft from outside the organization. If a compromise does occur, sales can be negatively impacted with the loss of consumer trust.
  • Integrity: Your business and customer data consistency and accuracy must be preserved so you can run your businesses. Protecting your data from accidental or malicious manipulation is crucial to your business success.
  • Availability: In order to keep your business running, computer networks and systems must be available, with minimal chance of disruption so that you can carry out your business goals, maximizing sales and minimizing expenditures.

Layer 9 IT will work with you to understand information security risks within your computer network and across your business processes. Upon assessing your technology implementation, Layer 9 IT consultants will provide hard recomendations on how to increase the level of security to protect your business data and customer information.


Our Philosophy.
What makes us tick?

We take great pride in providing comprehensive and exceedingly hospitable technology services, keeping your business interests in mind and making your business technology, our business. Technology should be simple, easy to use, maximizing productivity, contributing to your business goals, and never for technology's sake.

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Why Layer 9 IT?
We are Layer 9 IT

There are 7 layers of computer technology which you, Layer 8, the end user, may use to conduct your business and communications. This is where we come in! Partner with Layer 9 IT and we will provide managed services for your technology projects and operations, increasing operational efficiency, security, and providing training to you and your team. We look forward to serving you! Contact us for your free initial consultation.

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